Food supplements: several products recalled due to pesticides

Fans of herbal dietary supplements are encouraged to take a look at the products they may have purchased recently.

The official website Drink reminder reports several recalls of food supplements sold in France or on the Internet, due to an abnormal presence or at excessively high levels of pesticide chlorpyrifos, a broad-spectrum insecticide.

Among the pinned references are the milk thistle organic from the Rue des Plantes brand”, sold in 500 g sachets, but also Chrysantellum America from the Prophar laboratory or the Larmignat herbalist, a plant that helps digestion, sold in the form of capsules.

Same observation for capsules of PygeumOr African plum, sold in particular by the LaboFloral brand, by the Larmignat laboratory or by François Nature. As for the Euro Santé Diffusion brand, it announces the withdrawal of St. John’s wortthis plant recommended in case of anxiety or depression.

For each of these products, the Rappel Conso site recommends stop using them, and return them to the point of sale for a refund or exchange. For products purchased on the website, a telephone number has been set up to answer consumer questions: 0 952 610 059.

Note that the long list non-compliant food supplements pinned by the Rappel Conso site, we can only recall that apart from pathology and medical advice, a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are sufficient to maintain good health.

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