Food, a subject "eminently political" ? Explanations from a locavore

The “locavore” Stéphane Linou was in Narbonne, at the invitation of Païs Nostre, for a conference where he demonstrates the fragility of our territories in terms of food autonomy, and the associated risk of disturbing public order. It also has areas for improvement.

He is in heaven, the guest of the month of the Païs Nostre association. Because the Audois Stéphane Linou recognizes in the room the Narbonnais historian Gilbert Larguier. “It’s my idol“, says this pioneer in France of the “locavore” movement, (which advocates the consumption of food produced in a restricted area, for the ecology and the autonomy of the territories).

He has shown through his work that the question of food was eminently political: safeguarding food security was one of the major elements of the legitimacy of the consuls of the Middle Ages, the “ancestors” of our mayors.“.

A local development agent for a time near Castelnaudary, then a departmental councilor under the ecologist label, Stéphane Linou went back to studying to explore the question of food sovereignty at the local level. From his master’s research thesis “risk management on the territory”, he has drawn a book, which serves as a support for this conference given on Saturday January 21 in Narbonne: “food resilience and national security”.

Païs Nostre had joined Stéphane Linou in the defense of the restaurant La Dinée, with its famous cassoulet, threatened by the manager of the A61 motorway.

Stéphane Linou is working on it in 2019, starting from a fictitious scenario: a computer virus, spread by a cyberattack coming from… Ukraine, puts our entire food supply chain on the ground. However, as he already said 10 years earlier, to eat, “we are 70-80% dependent on supermarkets, which only have two days of stock“. Are we ready to face such a crisis if it were to occur? Stéphane Linou questions the army, the agricultural unions, the emergency services… Result? “Edifying: the generals I met agreed: this issue of food security, the oldest subject in the world, is no longer considered in our country.“.

Alerting at the national level, in particular via the senator of Haute-Garonne Françoise Laborde, Stéphane Linou of course acts at the local level, encouraging elected officials to set up a municipal safeguard plan. He thus trained elected officials in the upper Aude valley or in Pezens. Tracks ? “Develop shared gardens, set up cooking workshops, invest in food storage capacity“…and on an individual level,”if you have a piece of garden with grass, sell your mower: plant tomatoes and put a chicken pen“!

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