Following Justin Bieber’s unveiling: Smukfest announces ten more names

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Following the recent revelation that Justin Bieber is playing at this year’s Smukfest, the festival in Skanderborg can now reveal another 10 names.

And we probably do not offend anyone by saying that they do not quite reach the side of the 27-year-old Canadian pop sensation.

There are ten names from home.

The first name on the poster is the ‘Comet Christmas’ current hitmaker Andreas Odbjerg, who currently tops the charts with ‘Big Man’, which is a duet with Tobias Rahim.

Also current is the singer Freja Kirk, who until recently participated in TV 2’s popular program ‘Wild with dance’, where she danced with Claudia Rex.

On the poster we also find Drew Sycamore, who recently won the ‘P3 Prize’ and 50,000 kroner at this year’s P3 Gold.

In addition, ‘Smukfest’ celebrities such as Christopher and Hjalmer, in addition to the singer Jada, who also managed to be announced as performing at last year’s festival before it was canceled due to corona, as well as the grand prix winners Fyr & Flamme, who in turn performed on it small replacement festival ‘Småfest’.

If you are not into young pop music, you can enjoy Gnags, Lis Sørensen and Thomas Helmig, who also take another round at the festival in Skanderborg. When Thomas Helmig visits Smukfest next summer, it is after a four-year involuntary break from the concert stage.

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