"Focus on your career if you don’t focus on my girlfriends’ ass" : Julie Bertin knocks out her ex Benoît Paire who sends messages to her friends

After months during which they displayed their love in broad daylight, Julie Bertin and Benoît Paire sadly announced their separation in July 2022. Madly in love with the famous tennis champion, the reality TV candidate had been forced to speak to make a sad revelation : “I want to remain silent, I want to protect certain things, but I am certainly not a buffoon, even less when I leave time for the person to refocus supposedly on his sport, but which he prefers DM all the chicks and secretly date them” she had let go, insinuating that he was unfaithful.

“I never speak, you know, but I’m on the verge of exploding. Don’t come and ask me the question again, I don’t want to have anything or hear anything from this person. You warned me, I don’t want you to I didn’t listen. I fell 58 floors in freefall” she added.

Julie Bertin explodes again on Instagram
And if the 33-year-old sportsman seemed to have slipped with unknown young women, today he likes to flirt with the girlfriends of his former darling. This Wednesday, November 16, 2022, Julie Bertin has indeed made a story to denounce these facts. The pretty brunette who participated in the show “La villa des coeursbrokens” shared a screenshot showing the messages sent by Benoît Paire to some of Julie’s girlfriends such as Mélanie Orlenko, Emma Keitmann, Léna Guilloux or Mélissa Ben.

“I can’t be mean because I’m really starting to have pain, but you should focus on your career. If you don’t focus on my girlfriends’ ass” exploded the young woman.


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