Fnac sales: the HIMO Z16 folding electric bike at -194 €

Getting around town easily is a concern for some of us, electric vehicles are very useful for making quick trips and are very popular with city dwellers. You have certainly noticed that more and more people are using electric bikes and scooters. Right now on the Fnac website, you might be interested in the HIMO Z16 folding electric bike for € 595 instead of € 789.

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Presentation of the HIMO Z16 folding electric bike

The HIMO Z16 electric bicycle is foldable and compact, it can easily be put in the trunk of the car or transported in the elevator. It is ideal for trips to offices, making the trip by electric bike is very pleasant. A waterproof LCD screen displays battery level, kilometers traveled, real-time speed and information on possible problems. You will quickly master the driving of the machine to be comfortable in your movements. Thanks to the lithium battery, you can travel up to 80 km!

The tires are very grippy and resistant to ride in peace on wet and slippery surfaces during rainy days. You can choose from 3 different modes depending on the road conditions: pedal mode, moped mode and pure electric mode. The user’s weight should not exceed 100 kg.

Why choose the Z16 HIMO electric bike

This Xiaomi brand electric bike is an affordable solution for people who want to give up public transport or the car. The build quality of the Himo bike is very good, it is a reliable piece of equipment that will become your best companion! Visually the Himo Z16 makes a very good impression, the design seems to be ahead of its time. Value for money is great compared to build quality, it’s an easy-to-ride bike and the cables are inside the frame which is a good solution.

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