Florent Pagny with cancer: the coach forced to keep his glasses on "The Voice"the tragic reason unveiled

It is a smiling, or rather positive, Florent Pagny who appeared on Instagram on May 10 to give news of his fight and his fight against his lung cancer which he announced a few months ago. The coach of The Voice assures that, despite the chemo and his treatment, he would feel in great shape. Especially since his tumor would have shrunk significantly according to his recent statement

“From the first two immunotherapy chemos, my tumor, which was as big as a kiwi, turned into a nut. We sent heavy right away with radiotherapy and intensive chemos. We have confidence”, announced Florent Pagny, always so positive, in his video published on his Instagram account. In addition to his confidence, the coach of The Voice still and always has his eternal humor as he proved it during the last prime of the issue of TF1 when Nikos Aliagas challenged him on his look.

Glasses to hide the disease

“A two-tone jacket that suits you well, a new cut that reminds me of 20 years ago!”launched the host before his counterpart answered him: “There, it’s not even a haircut anymore! It’s true that events have rushed… You say to yourself, I’m going to shorten their suffering, do something more correct because these chemos, it’s a bit hair loss But that’s fine, that doesn’t prevent us from staying in shape and still looking good!”.

It remains to be seen whether he will keep the same humor during the looming semi-final. But in an interview with our colleagues from Gala this Thursday, May 12, Florent Pagny indicated his need to wear glasses for the new episode of The Voice and the reason is very sad. “I assume my head even if I may put on glasses because of the fall of my eyelashes which really makes me look sick, but the rest I manage. I have no more hair, no more beard, no more lots of eyebrows! What do you want, I’ve always worked on all the looks, here I’m going to the extreme. It’s the most refined!”he still managed to ironically in conclusion.

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