Florent Pagny and Stéphane Bern in total disagreement on drugs: this day when the singer took a dislike to the host for a "weed story" !

This Tuesday, March 7, 2023, viewers of France 2will be able to find Stéphane Bern on the show “Let yourself be guided”. Alongside Lorant Deutsh, the host will honor the French Renaissance. A new issue that promises to be rich in anecdotes! As specified “Tele-Leisure”, 3D reconstructions will be unveiled by the passionate duo “of history and heritage”. Great figures such as Catherine de Medici, Leonardo da Vinci or even Henri IV will also be mentioned.

During his career, Stéphane Bern has had the chance to rub shoulders with countless public figures. But a debate with one of them marked him enormously. In 2020 at the microphone of “RTL”,the husband of Yori Baillères and Florent Pagny debated on drugs… On the subject, the two men had a literally opposite opinion. In a sequence, the specialist in crowned heads relayed an extract from the title “Gust of wind” in which Florent Pagny sings: “A sunset, some weed to smoke, a few loyal friends and a handful of projects”.

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“But it’s not a question of natural…”

Words that appealed to Stéphane Bern: “Okay then that, that… We can dispute!”. “Dispute what?” released the husband of Azucena Caamaño. “But stop… But! If it’s smoking weed that’s bothering you… Know that it’s natural. It’s not even processed […]. Not enough to convince the flagship presenter of the second channel. “No, but it’s not a question of naturalness”, he replied, pointing out the illegal aspect of cannabis.

What the ex-coach of “The Voice” replied : “At some point today it’s even used medically. But wait, it has a real effect. I’m a very very nervous person, I’m really cool“. For his part, Stéphane Bern wanted to alert his listeners to the effects of cannabis on health: “Don’t forget that it destroys neurons anyway, you have to be careful”. Months later on the air, he also confided that this “grass story” had it strongly “disturbed”.


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