Florencia Peña revealed that she was abused at the age of 17: "He was a very important actor"

A few days after debuting in America with “La pu * a ama“, Florence Pena he opened his heart by remembering a traumatic situation he suffered when he was 17 years old and worked in theater. The renowned actress told that was a victim of sexual abuse by a famous artist and reflected on her experience to help other women.

I was much younger. I don’t give the name because he is a very famous actor and I feel that he is already grown up. He is done, I feel that the subject is going to be diverted and that the important thing is to be able to transmit my experience so that it does not happen to other women. This man can no longer hurt anyone. If he felt that he might hurt someone, he would tell.“He expressed in dialogue with Teleshow.

It was a situation that I naturalized for years and that now, a little with everything that is happening, I began to put white on black and you say ´Ah, but what was happening to me was very bad‘” Pena said.

He told me ‘y, how cute’ and he touched me. Around there, we were about to enter the scene or we were leaving the stage. That abuse was repeated every day while I went to the theater. It was not a one-time abuse.”stated the driver who prepares for the arrival of “Married with Children”.

In turn, he recalled that at no time did he go to tell the producers what was happening: “I still think that if he had gone, I don’t know if he would have agreed with me. Because he was a very, very important actor“.

Lastly, he reflected:That is a bit of the abuse of power that many women suffer, that they denounce out there and do not believe them“.

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