Florencia Peña celebrated her birthday and the anniversary of her program with an explosive party: the details

Shortly after the year is over, people start celebrating and Florence Peña decided to organize a mega party at home to celebrate both his 47th birthday and the first anniversary of his morning Telefe magazine, “Team Flower“.

Flor Peña’s great birthday celebration.

Accompanied by the entire team of her cycle in the ball channel, both the figures and Analía Franchín, Marcelo polino, Paulo kablan, Nancy Pazos, Karina Gao and Noe Antonelli, as producers and technicians, the host danced and celebrated to the rhythm of the music that passed Puli Demaría, friend of Pampita.

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The big cake to celebrate the birthday of 'Flor de Equipo'.

The big cake to celebrate the birthday of “Flor de Equipo”.

Other celebrities who gave the present in the celebration of the former protagonist of “Married with kids” They were Georgina Barbarossa, who replaced her a few days in the magazine as host, the young artist Angela Torres or the media entrepreneur Martin Baclini.

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