Florencia Peña burst into tears at the end of "Team Flower: "One does not leave the wrong places …"

Yes OK “Team Flower“It was, and continues to be, a resounding success in terms of rating points and its human team that makes it up, which seemed to have several years of renovation ahead of it, Florence Peña revealed that he decided to renounce the cycle of the noon of Telefe.

Through a meaningful post that she shared on Instagram, the actress of “Married with kids“She decided to finish her job as a driver, which occupied a large part of her schedule, since it made it impossible for her to carry out other work projects.

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It’s hard for me to reconcile my actress with the driver. The projects that I took on this year, added to the program, made me realize that at times it gets very tiring and leaves me with no time for life“Peña said on his social networks.

The group of professionals that makes up “Flor de Equipo”.

A day after her surprise announcement, the presenter began the Telefe cycle by talking about her decision to prioritize her work in theater, cinema and her family before “Team Flower“: “We have made a success. For me it is important that they know that I am leaving very happy. You don’t leave the wrong places when things were done right”.

While the actress of 47 years expressed his feelings without shedding a tear, Marcelo Polino made Florencia burst into tears by dedicating moving words to her: “You are a great friend and a great companion. All of us who are here behind and in front of the camera love you because you are a great companion. Attentive on and off camera. You have made a divine success”.

There are many talented people in this medium, but good people, there are few. I have 27 years of uninterrupted career. I saw everyone go by and I have too many fingers of one hand counting iron people like you”, expressed the ambassador of “MasterChef Celebrity 3”, which caused tears and tears in the actress.

And he closed as he approached to speak face to face: “I tell you off camera, and I tell your mom whenever I see her, you are a wonderful person and an amazing artist. When I see you on stage I get excited. In Cabaret I was excited as if I did not know you”.

Look at the excitement of Florencia Peña at the end of “Flor de Equipo”!

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