Florencia Peña announced the end of "Team Flower": "It’s costing me a lot …"

Florence Peña headed “Team Flower” since the end of 2020 and the feelings it left were more than positive. The cycle that is broadcast in the mornings of Telefe knew how to reap good audience numbers and it seemed like a long-lasting project with several years ahead. However, the driver made an unexpected announcement on her social networks.

Despite the fact that all parties involved were more than happy with the show, the actress took to her Instagram account with an image that saddened her followers. The model announced that the magazine ends at the end of the month which leads for various reasons that he took the time to detail.

I wanted to tell you that at the end of the month I finish with #FlorDeEquipo. It has been a beautiful, successful and challenging year that made me very happy. But the need to do new projects leaves me without time for the rest “he commented first. In addition, she was able to mention the reasons that led her to step aside: It’s hard for me to reconcile my actress with the host. The projects that I took on this year, added to the program, made me realize that at times it becomes very exhausting and leaves me without time for life “.

Florencia Peña says goodbye to “Flor de Equipo”.

The truth is Florence Peña clarified that the relationship with the channel is more than positive, especially because they understood their needs and desires. “#FlorDeEquipo is one of the most beautiful projects I did. I take friends and a lot of learning. But you know, I am curious and mobile and I need to go in search of new horizons that you will find out about”, added in the extensive post on his profile.

The last thanks went to the staff that completes the Telefe cycle until the end of January. “Thanks to this loving team, who accompanied me on and off camera, know that you are already part of my story. I was very happy! We laughed a lot and we did well. I love you very much”, closed with a photo of the members of the program gathered in the studio.

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