Florence, taxi driver attacks a tourist with kicks and slaps: license suspended. And the images go around the web – Video

A kick and then a slap in the face. This is what is seen in a video taken by a passer-by and spread on Instagram by the pianist Giulia Mazzoni that has been around the web. To accomplish theaggression against a Canadian tourist, a Florence taxi driver. The incident took place in the night between 13 and 14 January, around 1.30. According to an initial reconstruction, the man, a 53-year-old Florentine, attacked the 33-year-old woman after a discussion on the fare, deemed excessive by the passenger.

In the images you can see the taxi driver lashing out at the tourist, giving her first a kick in the shins and then a slap. The woman in the images asks those present who witnessed the scene to call the police.

The police then arrived in via Tornabuoni, a shopping street, where the taxi ride ended with a patrol. The 33-year-old reported that the quarrel would have started already when the two were inside the vehicle, with the taxi driver who would have broken the anti-Covid divider and then spit in her face. Both the passenger and the taxi driver have refused medical treatment and both did not file a complaint with the police station. To possibly proceed with the opening of an investigation file, the police are waiting for the woman to file a complaint, which at the moment would not have been filed.

Pending a possible complaint and any measures, in the meantime theimmediate suspension of the taxi driver’s license. The incident was “firmly condemned” by the municipal administration which, pending the procedures to ascertain what had happened, urgently summoned the municipal taxi commission to examine the fact and take the necessary measures. The commission will meet on January 19th.

Even the mayor of the Tuscan city, Dario Nardella, condemned what happened via Twitter: “Last night’s brutal assault on a woman by the taxi driver is unprecedented and deplorable. I immediately reported the fact to the commissioner. I expect a thorough investigation and exemplary punishment for this person, unworthy of performing a public service. This is not Florence ”. Even the taxi driver cooperative company, 4242m, unreservedly condemned the behavior of his colleague “whatever the events previously occurred”.

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