Florbela Queiroz moved after Daniel Oliveira’s words about her late son: “Manuel is alive…”

Daniel Oliveira was the guest on the SIC afternoon show, Júlia, for a very special broadcast on “Dia da Televisão” where the program director of the Paço de Arcos channel was interviewed by his partner, Andreia Rodrigues.

The person responsible for programming at SIC recalled his colleague and friend Manuel João Matias, son of actress Florbela Queiroz, who died in May this year.

“Manuel is alive. We all talk about him, every day, while he is alive… And therefore, what we are doing is laughing, as he did”confessed Daniel Oliveira.

Attentive, Florbela Queiroz reacted on social networks and thanked Daniel Oliveira for the words: “Thank you Daniel Oliveira for the way you spoke about my son and your emotion brought me down! From heaven my Manel sends a big hug“, it can be read.

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