Florbela Queiroz leaves a (beautiful) message to Daniel Oliveira after her son’s death: “Manel’s true friend…”

Florbela Queiroz is living the hardest moment of her life. The actress’ son, Manuel João Matias, 44, left last Monday, May 9, and since then, many tributes have been paid to his mother on social media.

On the night of this Friday, May 13, Florbela Queiroz did it again.

On her Facebook account, the actress began by sharing a photo of Manuel João Matias and in the caption she wrote: “The only love of my life is at peace!”

Hours later, Florbela Queiroz also decided to leave a message of thanks to SIC, especially to Daniel Oliveira, who was a great friend of her son: “And because I am a very grateful woman who treated Manel with a lot of love, without disrespect for anyone, I have to thank SIC in the person of a true friend of Manel, Daniel Oliveira! From a broken mother to a wonderful father, thank you so much! Florbela Queiroz”.

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