Flor Vigna expressed her opinion about the relationship between Luciano Castro and Sabrina Rojas: "I’m not jealous because …"

Flor Vigna is living a more than ideal present, if you take into account launching her singing career with the single “Uy and the recent relationship with Luciano Castro, that surprised several after the twists and turns that the actor had in his marriage with Sabrina Rojas, with whom he had two children, Hope and Faust.

In that sense, on the occasion of his presence in “PH We can talk”, the host of the program, Andy Kusnetzoff, asked the dancer about her boyfriend’s current bond with the mother of his children. “I’m not jealous of Sabrina because Lu gives me a lot of security”, confirmed.

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The influencer and the actor have been dating for four months., and both come from very controversial romances in the past, as is the case of the singer with Nico Occhiato. On this occasion, Vigna explained: “I have many friends with other criteria about the couple, who are more open. And now there is everything, I have a lot of criteria in my head. I had a more traditional way of loving, and that’s why I’m more cheesy or romantic I like that we are true. ”

Flor Vigna and Luciano Castro met because they both trained in the same gym.

When Kusnetzoff asked him about his opinion on The relationship between Castro and Rojas today, the dancer said that she loves how they handle each other. I see a lot of love with Sabri and Lu as parents and towards her entire family. They are learning to love each other in this way as a family, and it is re-evolutionary “. And I add: “They took care of that, they can. And obviously all the time we are all going to be adding to make it work.”

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