Flor Vigna and Luciano Castro would have had sex at a party: the details

vine flower Y Luciano Castro They are one of the most surprising couples of recent times in the entertainment world. At the time that the actor separated from Sabrina Rojashis new romantic conquest was known and since then the couple lives their love to the full.

Now, the lovebirds surprised by being the protagonists of a hot news in which They claimed they had sex in the middle of the birthday celebration of the driver of “The Last Passenger”.

They were there until 4 in the morning, they told me that Luciano would go and take her off the dance floor every so often because she likes to dance a lot and he doesn’t; he took her for a while, they clapped and danced again“he counted Paula Varela in “Show Partners”.

Flor Vigna celebrated her 28th birthday surrounded by friends and with her boyfriend, Luciano Castro.

It was at that time when Karina Iavicoli revealed: “Paulita said they went out every so often… well, at one point they took longer than usual. It reached my ears that in the middle of the celebration they did itWhen Luciano comes to Socios, I’m going to ask him“.

For its part, Adrian Pallares Y Rodrigo Lussich they argued that Vigna and Castro would have been engaged. “It looks like engagement is on the horizon, because there are shots of them wearing rings. That leads us to an affirmation and that is that they committed“, they concluded.

Luciano Castro and Flor Vigna.

They assure that Luciano Castro and Flor Vigna left in the middle of the celebration to make love.

Flor Vigna’s birthday video accompanied by Luciano Castro

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