Flor de la V denounced fraud in "Big Brother 2022": "I am dissapointed…"

Big Brother 2022″ has been reaching unprecedented ratings peaks. The days that the program hosted by Santiago del Moro has more rating are the days of elimination, where the public chooses which participant of “GH” You must leave the program. Recently, Flor de la V came out to criticize Telefé’s handling of the harassment situation that occurred on the premises. Now the driver He came out to criticize the reality show for deceiving the audience with false relatives.

So Flor de la V denounced fraud in “Big Brother”!

“I am disappointed because I did not know that those who hugged you were extras”the driver of intruders after inquiring about John’s departure Big Brother 2022″. “I thought it was people who banked them, but they were all extras”added in communication with Laura Ubfal.

incredulous, flower of the V added: “But they were all (actors) extras! it was everything liehe said in front of the astonished look of the other panelists. “Who extras?”they asked. “Those who are there in the stands”managed to answer the actress.

Given this, Martin Salwe He doubled down and said: “Once Cata said to Tora ‘hey, I was greeted by a girl who was my aunt, and she wasn’t my aunt'”. To the stunned laughter of the entire studio, V flower I ask: “Why do they have to put relatives? That they do not say that they are relatives, but rather, close people, from the core”the cycle driver closed smiling America.

Flor de la V accused “Big Brother 2022” of deceiving the public

It is not the first time that flower of the V shoot against Big Brother 2022″. After its removal, Thomas Holder came out to testify THE M about his controversial videos that he has on his social networks, where he pretends to be his mother’s partner.

“I thought it was disrespectful that some media said that my mom and I did something incestuous”, started by saying the influencer. Furthermore, she added: “TikTok is a social network that wants new things. let them know that she is my mom and that I make this type of videos generates morbidity, and that generates views. But I am very clear about what I do with my mom”hill.

As the Tiktoker declared, flower of the V decided to attack the former participant of “GH” from your Twitter account. Tomás and his mother, two hypocrites who try to throw bleach. Their TikTok exposes them”, accused.

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