Flor de la V and a chilling fact: "The trans collective has an average life span of 35 years, I am living over"

Flower of the V He has been a figure for the LGBT + community for many years. Her appearance in the media was a breakthrough for the media scene, although she had to deal with a lot of discrimination for being a trans woman. His story is worth telling, so whenever he can, he stops to tell it by way of example.

This time he went through the study of “Intractable” to chat with Alejandro Fantino. The panelist from “In the afternoon” revealed some points of his journey, many of them negative. “I have lived a life of absolute privilege for many years. The trans collective has an average life of 35 years, I already passed the average, I am living overHe commented at the beginning with a chilling fact.

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Furthermore, he added: “The gender identity law is very important. I was a person who ran theaters, I was on television but It was difficult for me to go to the doctor because I did not feel comfortable with the identity that appeared on the DNIDespite the lights and the popularity achieved, there were aspects that were still very complex for her: “Two years ago I went to the doctor for the first time to give me hormones, I got hormonal alone“.

Flor de la V and a chilling fact.

“I was successful and it was hard for me to give the credit card to pay the bills”He commented by way of example in the note he gave in the last hours. Fantino asked him to review his entry in the middle and remembered: “We were frowned upon on television until very recently.”

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