Floppy Tesouro responded to criticism after taking his daughter without a belt: "It was a second at a red light"

During the last few hours, Floppy Tesouro was at the center of the controversy for a series of stories on her Instagram account that featured her with her daughter. What was striking was that the girl was seen without a seat beltso there was a lot of criticism on social networks against him.

Also, a photo of the reflection of the glasses that he shared Juariu show the model recording with her cell phone while driving. Faced with the wave of questions, DailyShow.com He contacted the actress and gave his version of what happened.

I always put the seat belt on Moorea, it’s the first thing I do when she gets in the car. I take care of my daughter more than my life, began with his testimony. Besides, Floppy Treasure continuous: It was a second at a red light coming home that got him outwe sang, he put it on and we continued”.

Many criticisms of Floppy Tesouro.

Facing criticism, he clarified: “They show a section that was in motion and that is a previous story of mine alone. With the girl it was a second coming home, nothing more to say about it”. For now, she continued to share her day with the girl, something that her followers celebrate every day.

Watch the video of the controversy with Floppy Tesouro!

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