Floppy Tesouro and a dangerous maneuver: while driving his car, he filmed his daughter without a seat belt

After the video of Luciano Castro where he is seen driving and his daughter standing on the seat, celebrities are in the spotlight as some seem to not respect road safety rules. Now, Floppy Treasure, who recently separated from her boyfrienduploaded a video in which she is seen with dangerous behavior while driving on an avenue with her daughter in the vehicle.

In their social networks, The model uploaded two videos where she can be seen driving and using her cell phone. In one of them he is seen driving his vehicle, and explains that he is going to pick up his daughter from yoga. However, the one that caught the most attention was the one that went up minutes later.

In the second video you can see Floppy Treasure already with his daughter in the car. There is Moorea, stopped, without a seat belt and singing, while her mother films her and drives at the same time. The minor, at the same time, has sunglasses on where you can see the reflection of the singer trying to maneuver the car and at the same time filming her baby.

After his publication, many of his followers began to question his actions. Despite the criticism received, she decided not to say anything about it and keep uploading stories to your Instagram account like you do every day.

Floppy Tesouro with his daughter Moorea.

We will have to see what consequences the influencer will have since they were evaluating taking out the driver’s license from the boyfriend of vine flower.

The photo of Floppy Tesouro driving while filming his daughter.

The photo of Floppy Tesouro driving while filming his daughter.

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