Flight attendant explains what the beeps you hear on an airplane mean and why you never want to hear it three times

If you have had the opportunity to travel by plane, you have surely heard the characteristic ‘ding dong’ or beep that seems to be a signal for the crew in charge of the flight to mobilize. But what exactly does it mean? Tommy Cimato, a flight attendant and tiktoker in his book times, he has explained its meaning, quickly going viral.

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Through his social networks, Cimato explains some of the lesser-known curiosities about how airplanes work inside. In one of his latest videos, he revealed the reason behind these beeps and their meaning depending on the number of times they sound.

He says a single ‘ding’ means that one of the passengers has called the cabin crew from his seat or from the bathroom. On the other hand, a ‘ding-dong’ means that those who ask for assistance are not the passengers, but the pilots.

Finally, reveal that there is a signal you have never heard and will surely never want to hear: the triple ‘ding-dong’. This means that the pilots are alerting the flight attendants of an emergency.

Flight attendant explains what the beeps you hear on an airplane mean

A flight attendant shares a trick to get free access to first class seats

A stewardess has gone viral on TikTok after revealing that there is “Several ways” from free access to first class seats on commercial airlines. As explained by the flight attendant Cierra Mistt, who has more than 2.8 million followers on the aforementioned social network, many times it is enough to be kind to the personnel on board.

“One of the easiest ways to get free upgrades is to literally be nice to the gate agent and the flight attendant.”, explains Mistt. “We can do miracles when they give us a little Starbucks or a bag of chocolates, especially those long days when we have flights in a row and we don’t even have time to go for some food”.

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