Flex falls in love with Bolivia

Cesar Fula

The Romantic Style of the Panamanian flow by the singer Flex, leaves the whole brother country Bolivia in love during his tour, which was very well received by the Bolivian public who sang full of feelings the iconic lyrics of Flex that led to captivate the heart of Many.

That’s right friends, Flex He shared through his Instagram feed and story everything that was his time at boliviaduring their concerts, the public chanted with great joy songs such as: You were a girl, I love you, I fell in love, tell me where you are, if you are leaving, among others from his romantic repertoire.


Comeback with Kalimba

A week ago, the Mexican singer and Mexican actor Kalimba, reappeared on stage after 18 years at the Metropolitan Theater in Mexico City, and as a guest artist he had the presence of the Panamanian Flex, this took the public by surprise who immediately moved to see Flex next to Kalimba.

“Thank you little brother @kalimbaofficial for this invitation… My respect and admiration always compadre, congratulations my bro… And more is coming,” Flex said in his post.


Flex’s next tour

The “Nigga Tour“He will arrive in Peru on July 27 with the Hotel Real de ICA as his first stop, then Trujillo on the 28, Huancayo on the 29 and finally Casma on the 30. A tight schedule for the Panamanian singer during the month of July.

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