Flay advances wedding details and promises a dream wedding dress: ‘I want to cause’

Flay plans garland for wedding celebration

And if the birthday party was once grand, the wedding promises to be even bigger. The singer has already started to see the details of the celebration, which there is going to be a religious ceremony. Also, Flay want to be on top of everything, so that every detail comes out the way you dreamed. And what will the dress look like? Well, the artist promises which will be in the best Flayslane style.

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“Ah! I want to cause it, right? As always. How the dress will be is a secret, but I guarantee it will be Flay style, so no one can fault it!”

Already at the party after the ceremony, Flay you want to surround yourself with the dearest and celebrate in the best way this so special time in life.

“The party is going to be one of those that only I know how to do, with everything that’s right! After all, it’s my wedding, it has to be awesome. I want something great, surrounded by the people I love, my friends, my family , everybody. So I can have fun until the last minute, finish dancing and drinking,” he says.

Flay and Pedro took over the relationship in October 2020. The couple has lived together since the beginning of the relationship. For married life, Flay believes that change that the two will go through will be interior. What the singer expects for the post-marriage life are desires for feelings that every relationship should have and that she cultivates daily alongside her now fiancé.

“Lots of love, affection, respect and understanding. Both need to be on the same wavelength, understand and respect differences and, above all, know how to live with them”.

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