Flames of Vengeance: the ideal movie to watch if you like Stranger things

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This Thursday a new version of the story will hit theaters Fire Eyes by Stephen King. It is the second time that it is adapted, since in the 80s it had its version starring Drew Barrymore.

Zac Efron is one of the protagonists.
© IMDbZac Efron is one of the protagonists.

the terror of Stephen King and his work is one of the most commonly used for film adaptations and television series. You can think of productions like Itemfrom the Muschietti brothers, Count on me from Rob Reinereither The glow from Stanley Kubrick and its sequel, doctor sleepingdirected by mike flanagan. The 74-year-old Maine-born author stands out for his pen and this is a temptation for the studios.

This week a new film will arrive based on the work of Kingfrom the hand of Universal Pictures. Is about flames of revengeproduction inspired by the book Eyes of Fire (Firestarter) that the author published in 1980. It is worth noting that this is the second time that a film version of this story is made, which in 1984 had its film with drew Barrymore as protagonist.

Directed by Keith Thomasis starring Zac Efron, Ryan Kiera Armstrong, Sydney Lemmon and Michael Greyeyes. The story focuses on a scientific project that works with young people with supernatural abilities such as telekinesis, where the protagonist is the daughter of two of these young people and was born with the ability to control fire. Of course, this will make her a weakness for a secret government agency that wants to take her over.

What to say about flames of revenge is that it will remind many of stranger things. It is that, as well as the series of Netflix created by the duffer brothers It has a lot of Stephen King in its narrative (even the first season takes several elements from Fire Eyes), this film does the same and takes a lot from stranger things. In this context, it should be noted that the film by Universal Pictures.

+The best and worst of Flames of Vengeance

If elements of this new film about Fire Eyes it is fair to highlight the work done by the young Ryan Kiera Armstrong, who at only 12 years old manages to absorb very well the tension, desperation and fury of his character on paper and transfer it to the screen. The weakest perhaps is the linearity of the story, where things happen one after another without much time for development. As it was told, flames of revenge aims at a public following stranger things and perhaps they are the ones who can find the greatest high points in this film of Universal.

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