FLAMES OF DESTINY | Ozan and Cemre decide to get married

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Ruya tried to locate Cicek but she didn’t answer, just at that moment she was saying goodbye to Tomris to start a new life.

Cemre creates a foundation

Cemre, with the help of Tomris and Ruya, was able to start her own foundation, to help women who have been abused.

Cemre stops Seger from killing her ex-husband

Cemre arrived in time when her friend Seger was about to shoot her ex-husband, who after serving his jail term for killing his own daughter, was released.

Cemre approached her and told her to put down her weapon, that it was not worth ruining her life taking the law into her own hands, reminded her that her daughter would not like to see her suffer; so she lowered the gun and Cemre hugged her.

Ruya finds Cicek

After several weeks, Ruya managed to locate Cicek, who now works with children; Cicek was surprised to see her and Ruya apologized to him and assured him that he will not leave her.

They both cried and then hugged each other.

Cemre tells Ozan to get married

After Ozan complained to Cemre for seeing her still nervous, like when she lived with Celebi; he explained that she had to try to forget everything, start her life and show her love.

At that moment she kept thinking and told him yes, he had not understood and she told him to get married and to put the ring on him.

He couldn’t contain his emotion, he put the ring on her and kissed her.

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