Five nuclear power plants obtain an environmental exemption, despite the impact on the climate

By Nathanaël B. Published on August 6, 2022 at 10:28

The State granted this derogation to maintain the operation of the power stations, in times of rising energy prices. This is done to the detriment of the environment, because these plants will now be able to discharge even hotter water.

Prioritize energy production or environmental protection? the government decided, this Saturday, August 6, 2022 by publishing an order in Official newspaper. It indicates that have been fixed “of new limits thermal discharges applicable to the reactors of the Bugey, Blayais, Saint-Alban-Saint-Maurice, Golfech and Tricastin nuclear power plants”. This means that these nuclear power plants will be able to discharge water even hotter that currently, which is not risk free for the environment.

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To justify this decision, the decree specifies: “In the absence of a temporary modification of the current thermal discharge limits, the operator should stop operation of these nuclear power plants or reduce their production”. These derogations are effective until September 11. According to the decree, all these power stations will have their own limits. These will be severe enough to protect flora and fauna local. Moreover, this also implies that the government will strengthen the surveillance environment in the areas concerned.

Despite everything, this still provoked the anger of certain environmental protection associations, in particular France Nature Environment.

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