Fitness muse defends the use of a bikini at 63 and a toned body draws attention

With more than 105 thousand followers on Instagram, the fitness muse Lesley Maxwell63, caused a stir by encouraging the use of bikini at any age.

On the social network, the Australian shared a photo and also a video in which she appears wearing an orange outfit, sporting an enviable body, and posted:

“We can wear a bikini at any age these days. It’s just up to us, really, to have a healthy and nutritious diet and train effectively,” she began.

Lesley added: “I always recommend weight training to anyone looking to change their body shape to look younger. Train smarter, not the hard way!” she added.

Upon seeing the post, Lesley’s admirers commented:

“I’m 54 and I love wearing bikinis,” said one. “Beautiful photo and even better message, you are inspiring”, agreed another. “Your body is better than the bodies of 50% of women half your age,” wrote one fan. “You can get any guy you want if you walk into a bar,” another bet.

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