Fitness motivation: This trick always motivates you to exercise

Is your fitness motivation fading a bit as summer draws to a close? We can understand that. We have a few helpful tips on how to actively get started again before the sporty hibernation threatens.

When it comes to fitness, motivation is often one of those things. In winter, the next appearance in a bikini is still a long way off; in summer it is too hot for extensive training. And at all other times of the year you just suddenly have a lot more important things to do. Do you feel the same as us? Then we can certainly help you with our 6 tips and the ONE trick that always works.

Fitness motivation: where to find it and how to keep it

Short-term motivation is often found quickly: at the sight of a model, after a health check at the doctor, at the turn of the year and so on. But the difficulty is usually to keep the good resolution in mind in the long term and to develop a fitness routine. Routine is a good keyword here: Only when doing sport is a natural part of our everyday life do we really have our weaker self under control.

Hence this is Tip number one: Make sport an integral part of your everyday life. It’s not about exercising several times a week. Depending on how flexible you can organize your everyday life, ideally you should always plan on the same day. After a while, thinking about whether or not you want to exercise today just falls away. It is Tuesday; today is sports day, done! There’s nothing to think about. And if you don’t think about whether you want to do sports today, you won’t realize that the couch is the much more attractive alternative. Sounds quite logical, doesn’t it?!

If you have to focus more on external influences, you should still make a weekly plan as early as possible. The same applies here: if you don’t ask yourself every day whether you have the time and desire to exercise today, but instead made this decision days ago, the answer is much more likely to be ‘yes’. After all, “Sport on Thursday” still sounds far away and completely harmless when planning on Monday.

at Tip number two it’s all about your own focus. Whatever motivates you to exercise: Make yourself aware of what your real fitness motivation is. So you can for example small motivational quotes like “Today I’m doing something for my health!” stick it in a visible place or on your calendar. It might sound a bit strange, but it works.

Be consciously grateful is our third tip. Advice that also sounds quite simple, but is nevertheless important. After your training, actively deal with what you and your body have just achieved and be proud. You can then visualize this good feeling again the next time your fitness motivation dips.

Our next tip follows directly from here. Document and celebrate your successes. It doesn’t matter whether it’s baby steps or big jumps – or even a small step backwards – record your training results. It’s easy with one fitness tracker, which, in addition to specific training information, also keeps an eye on your health thanks to a heart rate monitor. But also a simple handwritten one training diary serves this purpose. Then keep it true to the motto “Celebrate the festivals as they come” and reward yourself regularly for your efforts, for example with a massage or a new one sports mat. Tip number four is therefore: You can also look forward to partial successes.

Do you know the following problem? You’ve planned your training for the late afternoon or evening, but then it’s time to get changed and go – and even that seems like an insurmountable hurdle? Not a trace of fitness motivation. But what if you’ve been in your sports outfit since the morning or the lunch break and don’t have to change first? It sounds so simple, but from our own experience we can say: It helps. Instead of “I don’t want to change my clothes” you tend to think “Now I’ve already got these things on…” Tip number five is therefore: Put on your favorite sports outfit as early as possible.

Right here also closes immediately Tip number six and thus THE unbeatable tip that (unfortunately) always works for us women: If the fitness motivation weakens, buy a new sports outfit or promise one. Yes, the bargain hunter screams “Stop!” and we can’t use the trick all the time either. But with the new one top or the new one leggings you will immediately feel better and of course want to do this(s). Sure, the gym isn’t a catwalk in our eyes either, but in this respect it just works again and again.

Extra tip:

Our extra tip is a type question and therefore not suitable for everyone. keyword “Sports Buddy”. For those who like to be carried away by others, a “fellow sufferer” is the perfect fitness motivation. Others, on the other hand, can be demotivated too quickly if their training partner cancels, or get distracted too easily during exercise. It’s best to try it out and see whether fitness training with your best friend actually leads to more regular sports units.

Here is a summary of all the tips:

  1. develop routine
  2. keep the goal in mind
  3. be consciously grateful for sporting achievements
  4. Document training and celebrate (partial) successes
  5. Overcome hurdles / get out of the way
  6. buy a new sports outfit
  7. Extra tip: look for a sports buddy

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