First trailer with Jabari Banks: This is known about the new Fresh Prince

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First trailer with Jabari Banks
This is known about the new Fresh Prince

A year ago it was revealed that the ’90s series “The Prince of Bel Air” is returning to the screen for a reboot. A new teaser of the special shows the newcomer Jabari Banks for the first time in his role as Fresh Prince. That is known about the actor.

Since August 2020 it has been known that the cult sitcom “The Prince of Bel-Air” will get a new edition on the NBC streaming service Peacock. Now the fans can look forward to the first teaser with main actor Jabari Banks as Fresh Prince Will. The one-minute clip makes it more than clear that the cult sitcom is becoming a drama.

Accompanied by dramatic music, Will dives under the water of a crown. She leads him to a throne, on which he takes a seat at the end of the video. “This is a story about how my life was turned upside down,” says Will’s voice. The reboot is about Will’s complicated journey from the streets of West Philadelphia to the mansions of Bel-Air. Will “Bel-Air”, as the series is now called, be as much a star role for Jabari Banks as it was for Will Smith in the 90s?

Unlike its predecessor, the reboot is not a comedy series. Because the idea for the return of the “Fresh Prince” is a man named Morgan Cooper, who turned the story about the young troublemaker from West Philadelphia into a serious drama in a fan trailer.

Who is Jabari Banks?

Like Smith, Jabari Banks was born in West Philadelphia but raised in Atlanta. In 2020 he completed his musical theater studies at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. Aside from acting, Banks is a songwriter, singer, rapper, and basketball player.

According to reports, it was his father who instigated him in the role. Banks then went to the audition and was accepted in person by Will Smith in September 2021. The two captured the moment in a YouTube video. The coveted role is Banks’ TV debut.

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Banks doesn’t seem to spend much time on social media. Almost 32,000 people follow him on Instagram, where he has published six posts so far. In his private life, he seems to prefer to be an activist instead, as his Instagram biography suggests. In it he also describes himself as a “remaining optimist”.

This is known so far about the reboot

The streaming service Peacock, on which the reboot with the name “Bel-Air” will be shown in 2022, has already ordered two seasons. The new edition of the 1990s sitcom is being developed by the production company Westbrook Studios by Will Smith and his wife Jada Pinkett. Whether Smith will play in the drama version has not yet been confirmed or denied. It is also not yet known whether other stars from the original, such as Carlton actor Alfonso Ribeiro, could return.

In addition to Jabari Banks, Adrian Holmes (Phillip Banks), Cassandra Freeman (Vivian Banks), Olly Sholotan (Carlton Banks), Coco Jones (Hilary Banks), Akira Akbar (Ashley Banks), Jimmy Akingbola (Geoffrey), Jordan L. Jones ( Jazz) and Simone Joy Jones (Lisa) can be seen in the new edition.

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