First impressions ‘Gavião Arqueiro’ | More down to earth plot promises a frantic and fun series


If you haven’t watched the first two episodes of Archer hawk, do not read this article to not receive spoilers.

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Announced amidst appalling personal controversy involving allegations of threats from Jeremy Renner your family, the series of Archer hawk was born with public dislike. Along with that, he was the avenger who had one of the best developments in the MCU, since a large part of Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015) was dedicated to showing the character’s background and enhancing it, almost as if they were making up for the short screen time in the 2012 movie.

So, part of the fans feared that there was nothing to work with Gavião anymore. After all, he was once a kind of mentor to Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen), he was a hero, he was a villain, he was called a keystone of the Avengers, he survived the snap of his fingers, traveled the world killing mobsters… What else to do with him to make the character interesting?

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So, Marvel decided to bet again on the idea of ​​working him as a tutor, but now giving more screen time for this to be explored. So, nothing better than adapting one of the best phases of the hero in the comics, the acclaimed “Gavião Arqueiro” phase, from Matt Fraction e David Aja. Bringing this more urban footprint, the story told between 2012 and 2015 managed to give much more relevance to Clint Barton e Kate Bishop, which effectively gained fans, given the very high level of the stories.

As in the comics, the series features Kate Bishop (Hailee Steinfeld) living and facing gangs with Clint Barton (Jeremy Renner), while he eventually trains the young woman to be a better superhero. The dynamic between the two is a lot of fun, but the biggest merit of the series, at least in these first two episodes, is to understand that its protagonist is, in fact, a great supporting role. As I said before, we’ve already seen a lot of Clint Barton, so it’s Kate Bishop who brings the freshness to the series. Seeing her become the next Marvel Archer promises to be a very fun journey through the life of a young woman who is still discovering herself and dreams of helping the world.

And the introduction of classic villains from the Gavião universe, such as the Espadachim, bring weight to this passage of baton in the form of a series. But in fairness, Clint manages to have his moments in the spotlight, especially when he lets go of his heroic side and lets himself be embraced by the human side. That’s the grace of more “urban” superhero productions. Watching them go through everyday situations can be more unexpected than watching them slug it down on space monsters, for example. At this point, if the production decides to follow this path with Gavião Arqueiro, it will be an incredible series.

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His own deafness, which was adapted for the series as a result of the various explosions that happened at his side in recent years, is a very interesting point to be explored, even more timidly, as noticing that his family learned sign language to be able to communicate with the father.

Kate is an enthusiastic young woman who was inspired by Gavião Arqueiro himself. Still a little flustered, she must grow a lot while facing the sweater gang and eventually the stepfather himself, who must end the series as the Swordsman. Rumors still say that the King of crime may come out in production, which would bring even more relevance to the true protagonist of the series on her journey to establish herself in the first echelon of Marvel heroines.

In addition to the main duo’s chemistry and the very comfortable acting of Hailee Steinfeld, who didn’t feel the weight of starring in a studio production, the New York Christmas setting gives the series a special charm and matches the light and relaxed vibe that the first ones have. production chapters pass.

If the pattern is followed until the end, Marvel may find in this uncompromised urban plot one of its greatest successes and perhaps even a very honorable farewell to MCU’s Gavião Arqueiro.

the nine episodes of Archer hawk premiere every Wednesday, only on Disney+.

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