First Impressions | Brutal Pact: HBO Max Takes Us On An Intense Investigation In Powerful Documentary

Agile feet like a ballerina’s and a warm, wide smile that filled the seats marked the actress’ essence. Daniella Perez, who in his short telenovela journey was able to conquer an entire country. Cultural symbol of a Brazil in transition – which was staggering economically -, the playwright’s daughter Gloria Perez one of the greatest tragedies in our history. Her death reverberated through the decades as a solved case still fraught with mysteries and unanswered questions. And trying to fill in those gaps that time could never erase, the platform HBO Max delivery Brutal Pact – The Murder of Daniella Pereznew documentary series that finally opens the huge Pandora’s box of one of the most painful moments that stained our nation with blood.

With its first two episodes already available on streaming, Brutal Pact reveals itself before our eyes in a shocking way, with images and records that are too painful for those who have lived every moment of the endless saga that Daniella’s death has become. Watered by interviews that are genuine outbursts marked by the inexhaustible pain of loss, the production directed by Tatiana Issa and Guto Barra, takes us on an investigative journey that rescues the nostalgia of a time that we all wish had never existed. Revisiting reports and unraveling the rich documentary collection that involved the tragedy, the production does not beat around the bush in its narrative and invites us to reflect not only on the farewell of a talented young woman, but also on its sociocultural impact in Brazil in the 90s.

With an exceptional editing and the construction of a detailed timeline of the facts, the documentary honors the memory of Daniella Perez for its essence that pulsed art, from unpublished home videos and family photos that tell stories that words might not express accurately. Sensitive and honest, the five-chapter miniseries is daring and does not shy away from the responsibility of showing the hardships that involved the entire tragic death of the actress. Giving voice to the oldest yearnings of Glória Perez and Raul Gazolla – husband of Daniella -, Brutal Pact confronts the press at the height of the case, initiates a reflection on the social context where femicide was not talked about and raises new questions for the audience.

Intriguing, but also too difficult for the public to digest, the original HBO Max it is the muffled cry of a mother who still bears the marks of the irreparable loss of her youngest daughter. Well directed and with deep source material, the documentary miniseries deconstructs the sensationalism and novelization generated after the artist’s death and is more than a case study and a search for answers. Focusing on the history of Daniella Perez in addition to the murder committed by the then actor William of Padua, Brutal Pact promises to be healing a wound that has remained open for 30 years.

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