First hot trailer for “Magic Mike 3”: Channing Tatum wants to deliver the baddest show ever

He’s back and he’s almost naked again: Channing Tatum will wow his fans one last time as stripper Mike. There is now the first trailer for it.

There are Hollywood stars who are known for their incredible facial expressions, while others are known for their enormous physicality. The latter definitely applies to Channing Tatum. Before his acting career, the 42-year-old was a model and dancer, and also worked as a stripper at times. He consequently had his breakthrough with the dance film “Step Up”.

His toned physique and experience as a stripper made the 2012 drama Magic Mike, adorned with autobiographical elements, a box office hit. The certainly mainly female audience couldn’t get enough of Tatum’s body, so three years later the sequel “Magic Mike XXL” followed, which was able to top the first film in many ways: even bigger, even more naked, even more Magic Mike. Now Channing Tatum is back as a stripper and wowing fans again with “Magic Mike – The Last Dance”. Warner Bros. just released a first trailer:

“Magic Mike – The Last Dance”, as the trailer makes clear, will give fans everything they want from a film in the series: hot moments, great dance choreography, a half-naked Channing Tatum with abs as hard as steel and a story that also celebrates its quiet moments.

“Magic Mike – The Last Dance” reunites the successful team

The life of Mike Lane aka Magic Mike hasn’t turned out the way he imagined: After a bad business decision, he finds his career in tatters, broke and stripped to his last shirt. He has no choice but to work as a barman. Then he has another chance. At work he meets a rich woman (Salma Hayek) who recognizes his talent and plans big things. A new chapter is to be opened in London – professionally and privately. But isn’t all this too good to be true?

Check out Channing Tatum’s dancing skills in Step Up, which you can stream on Amazon

What’s special about what is likely to be the very last appearance of Magic Mike is the return of director Steven Soderbergh, who directed the first film. Along with Reid Carolin and lead actor Channing Tatum, the brief was to conjure up dances that you wouldn’t even see in real life, as Tatum in Conversation With People revealed:

“I want it to be the Super Bowl of stripping. I want to dance like we never could in the other two films because we had to be honest about the reality of this world where there are no great dances. In the real world that I’ve stripped in, there’s never been anything remotely as good as this one [letzte Tanz in ‚Magic Mike XXL‘]. We are already breaking with the rules of this world, with its reality. I want professional dancers [von überall her] have, Russian ballet dancers, I want to dare and create a whole new genre in this form.”

Maybe the team actually succeeded? You can convince yourself of this from the February 9, 2023shortly before Valentine’s Day, when “Magic Mike – The Last Dance” starts in German cinemas.

There is also a “Let’s Dance” quiz. How well do you know the show? Test yourself:

“Let’s Dance”! Quiz: do you know the dance to this song?

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