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Newcomer to the Brazilian catalog of Netflix, First Death became a huge hit on the platform. With a supernatural romance set in the vampire universe, the teen series has won fans around the world. Anyone who has marathoned season 1 wants to know: will the production win more episodes on the platform? What does the future hold for Juliette and Calliope?

“Love is kind of a complicated thing for Juliette and Calliope: one is a vampire, the other is a vampire hunter. And they’re both ready to kill for the first time,” reads the official synopsis for First Death on Netflix.

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Starring Imani Lewis and Sarah Catherine Hook, First Death is based on the eponymous short story by author VE Schwab. Season 1 has 8 episodes.

Below we explain everything we already know about the renewal status, cast, plot and premiere date of First Death season 2 on Netflix; check out.

Is First Death season 2 confirmed on Netflix?

So far, Netflix has not yet confirmed the production of the 2nd season of First Death. However, fans need not despair.

Typically, the platform takes 2 weeks to 3 months to reveal the fate of your original productions. Thus, the status of First Death must be disclosed by September 2022.

Given the huge ratings of First Death season 1, it seems that Netflix will give the green light to produce more episodes.

Who returns in the cast of First Death 2?

If Netflix chooses to renew First Death, much of the original cast is expected to return in the new episodes.

In other words, fans can look forward to the return of Imani Lewis and Sarah Catherine Hook as the protagonists Calliope and Juliette.

In addition to the main duo, the cast of First Death 2 should include Phillip Mullings Jr. (Theo), Gracie Dzienny (Elinor), Dylan McNamara (Oliver), Aubin Wise (Talia), Elizabeth Mitchell (Margot), Will Swenson (Sebastian), Jason Robert Moore (Jack), Dominic Goodman (Apollo), Walnette Marie Santiago (Carmen) and Jonas Dylan Allen (Ben).

What is Season 2 of First Death about?

Season 2 of First Death is set to take place shortly after the shocking events of the first year’s finale.

At the end of season 1, the relationship of the protagonists suffers a major rupture. Accidentally, Juliette turns Calliope’s brother Theo into a vampire.

In this way, Season 2 should address the reflections of that decision, both on Calliope and Juliette’s relationship and on Theo’s own journey.

Additionally, Elinor’s involvement in Theo’s transformation eventually landed the character in prison. Without the help of her parents, how will she manage to escape from jail? Probably with a lot of blood.

It is worth remembering that, in the final episode, Talia and Theo ask for the help of Oliver, Juliette’s brother. However, the series has yet to reveal whether the character is trustworthy.

All of these plotlines are expected to play pivotal roles in Season 2 of First Death, along with a major showdown between vampires and hunters.

First Death season 2 premiere date

As Netflix has not yet ordered the 2nd season of First Death, it is difficult to predict the premiere date of the new episodes.

If Netflix authorizes production in 2022, season 2 could debut on the platform in mid-2023.

In the meantime, you can check out First Death season 1 – and several other shows like it – on Netflix.

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