First date: where are we going?

The bar

It is the great classic for a first date and it must be admitted that it has a lot of advantages. First of all, it’s a public place: no discomfort, and you can just as well have a single drink there and leave in stride, if the power does not pass, or stay there for the evening. . Nevertheless, be careful to choose it well because it necessarily says something about you! If the weather is nice, opt for a terrace. Otherwise, opt for a cozy bar rather than a festive place in which you will have to shout to hear yourself. Last thing: avoid your HQ because, if things don’t work between you, you won’t want to see him there again!

The cinema, the theater or a concert

If you’re not super comfortable, doing an activity might be a good idea. Already, choosing together will give you a clue about your possible affinities. Then, it will allow you to find a topic of discussion for the post. And if it’s the other who invited you, returning the favor on a second date will be an excellent pretext. We still avoid the one-man-shows of super divisive comedians, so as not to insult each other on the way out…


Taking your date directly to the restaurant presents a risk, especially if you realize as soon as you enter that you don’t have much to say to each other. But if you are sure of yourself, choose a place halfway between chill and chic. Forget the stuffy starry, you will have plenty of time to impress your future darling if it sticks between you. We prefer a warm place where the bill will not be too high, so that no one is embarrassed when paying the bill, shared or not.

The sports session

In the gym or in the park for a little run, if you feel that your date likes to exercise, why not suggest that they do it together? You will be able to test his endurance, a quality not to be neglected for another type of sport… It is also a good way to break the ice and to meet in a less formal setting. Point to note all the same: do not be afraid to show yourself in sweat!

Flea market

We don’t suggest that you go buy clothes with your target, it seems premature to reveal your physical complexes. No, the flea market or garage sale can provide a fun time to share. Not too formal, it will allow you to know each other’s tastes in terms of decoration, even to laugh about the most kitsch pieces. Good humor guaranteed!

But also : The park for a picnic, the beach for a romantic sunset, the hotel bar if you want to finish straight away, the Sunday morning market to prepare a brunch together…

Attention, literary orgasm!

Do you remember the books in which you were the child hero? Well this time, you can finally be the heroine! But be careful, here, there is no question of investigation to find a murderer and even less of knights and heroic fantasy: we are rather immersed in a universe of eroticism, free love and pleasure. It’s up to you to explore the many naughty possibilities offered by avoiding sensual disappointments! The ass book of which you are the heroine, by Aurélie Stefani, ed. The Musardine, €16.

A collab gem

With the arrival of fine weather, the libido awakens and the bodies are revealed. For the occasion, the inclusive lovetoys brand Amorélie has teamed up with the jewelry brand Purelei to create a box dedicated to sensuality. Called Joyful Moments, it contains a rabbit shake vibrator in bright colors as well as a Purelei body jewel in gold, silver or pink to highlight your curves, even in the water! Spring promises to be very warm… Box Joyful Moments, €69.90, on

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