First couple pictures of Temptation-Aleks and his Vanessa

Finally they can show their love openly! At Temptation Island VIP, Aleksandar Petrovic (31) and Christina Dimitriou (31) put their relationship to the test – but without success. The fitness coach quickly fell in love with seductress Vanessa Nwattu and they left the show together as a couple. Until they meet again, however, the two had to keep secret what has become of the two since then. Now show Aleks and his vanessa absolutely love pictures on the net!

on Instagram the 22-year-old shares cute couple pictures of herself and her loved one. On it, the two are totally in love on a hill in front of a picturesque landscape. In the snapshots, the lovebirds can hardly keep their hands off each other and kiss passionately on one of them. “Home is where I am with you”writes vanessa under the pictures. “We are currently enjoying the days with friends and family in Serbia and can finally switch off and find some peace after all the stress of the past few months,” she adds. From there the couple have Christmas, vanessa Birthday and New Year celebrations.

Even though the two met and fell in love in the reality format, Aleks became a girlfriend at the time Christina severely hurt by the turtlenecks. The other candidates on the show were also very shocked. “I almost cried myself when I saw the pictures of Aleks. At the moment I’m just wearing it Christina thought and I felt incredibly sorry for her”Gigi told celebrity flash. “Aleks screwed up everything he said,” Sandra (30) also remarked.

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Aleksandar Petrovic and Vanessa Nwattu
Aleks Petrovic and Vanessa Nwattu, 2022 in Serbia
Christina Dimitriou at “Temptation Island VIP”

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