First Brazilian live-action in 3D that features Arthur Aguiar as a sailor debuts in theaters!

Pluft the Phantom‘, a film adaptation of the famous play by Maria Clara Machadoarrived in national cinemas as the first Brazilian 3D live-action film.

The great cast brings the ex-bbb Arthur Aguiar like a sailor.

In the story, the girl Maribel (Lola Belli) is kidnapped by the pirate Perna-de-Pau (Juliano Cazarre), who wants to use it to find the treasure left by his grandfather, the late Captain Bonança Rainbow. In the abandoned house where the old man lived, Maribel waits for the help of the sailors Sebastião (Arthur Aguiar), João (Lucas Salles) and Julian (Hugo Germano), very friends of the old captain, who go on a clumsy search for the girl. They never arrive and she ends up meeting the little ghost Pluft (Nicolas Cruz), who is terrified of people, Mother Ghost (Fabio Nascimento) and your family.

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With its premiere in theaters confirmed for the holidays of Julythe first Brazilian live-action 3D children’s film, produced by Raccord Filmes, co-produced by Globo Filmes and Gloob, distributed by Downtown Filmes.

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