Fires, today three fires between Rome and the province. Flames along the A1 in Sesto Fiorentino

Rome, 22 June 2022 – Drought also means fireslike the one that flared up at 15 a Sesto Fiorentino in the fields between the motorway and the Florence airport. Tall columns of black smoke they are visible from afar, and even the traffic suffers. It is not the only stake today, reports come from green areas in the municipality of Piombinoin the Grosseto area, in the Foggia area, in Law, up to three large fires, all for burnt brushwood, in the last hours between Rome, Civitavecchia and Anzio. Which are added to yesterday’s dramatic day with 24 fires in Sardinia, then in the Pisan area And in the Bolognesenear the Bologna-Pistoia railway line.

Fires (Ansa)


Between Rome and the province in the last few hours there are three large fires: scrub in flames in via degli Scaligeri, in the Roman district of Green Mount, forced the police and fire brigade to evacuate some buildings. Later at 2.15pm, the shrubs set on fire also started a fire in a countryside between Civitavecchia and Tarquinia. At 15 the brigade intervened in via Rocca di Botte, ad Anzio, where a man was setting fire to the brush: the wind had pushed the flames towards the dry vegetation nearby and had set fire to an empty house.


The flames of the forest fire that broke out this morning at 10.30 a Monte Santa Maria in Piombino (Livorno), and now under control, affected 3 hectares of Mediterranean scrub, and were also tamed with the intervention of three helicopters, one from the Cecina flight department and two from the Tuscany Region serving Aib and Earth. The fire struck a wooded area in Salivoli, threatening not only the fields but also the houses and a farmhouse / campsite in the Ghiaccioni hamlet. The high flames pushed by the wind made the aerial intervention necessary.


About sixty hectares of the nature reserve Padula Frattarolo, in the Foggia area, were destroyed in the fire that broke out yesterday, and not yet completely tamed. The park covers an area of ​​almost 250 hectares near the Salso Lake Oasis, and since the morning a Canadair has been making several water jumps. Yesterday the mayor of Manfredonia, Gianni Rotice, wrote to the president of the Puglia region Michele Emiliano, asking for urgent interventions.


The flames of the fire that broke out in Salento in the late morning are high. To tame the stake in a pine forest in Sidero, between Maglie and Cutrofiano, province of Lecce, two Fire bosses of the Civil Protection and a canadair also came into action. Carlo Sangiorgi died, the elderly man who yesterday in the countryside was seriously burned in a fire set in the ground set in his land on the outskirts of Ugento (Le).

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