Fires, in Friuli a volunteer died: she was overwhelmed by a charred tree. Over a thousand evacuees in Tuscany

Had 56 years old and it’s crushed dead from a tree charred: the latest victim of the fires that are affecting large areas of Italy is Elena Lo Duca, a volunteer of the Civil Protection. She coordinated the local team of Prepotto, in Friuli, near Udine, and her role was assigned to her due to her extensive experience in the police: she was an assistant chief of police at the Commissariat of Cividale. Her death occurred on the afternoon of July 21st during an inspection. You remember the president of the Civil Protection Fabrizio Curcio: “you have represented a pillar. Her dedication to her sadly appears even more evident – he adds – because her tragic death took place in the midst of an operation aimed at safeguarding the population and the territory “. Franco Gabrielli, the delegated authority for the security of the Republic does the same: “An example for all of us. She gives us back the greatness of a life dedicated to the service of others. To his family, the State Police, the National Department of Civil Protection and the Civil Protection of Friuli Venezia Giulia – concludes Gabrielli – my most moving closeness ”.

Karst – Meanwhile in the region the air is “still unbreathable”: thesmell of burning and smoke which formed a dense blanket last night and on the morning of today 21 July in Grado (Gorizia), where residents and vacationers are grappling with the consequences of the fire on the Karst. In the early morning the cloud caused by the fire also reached the beach of Lignano Sabbiadoro (Udine) and the adjacent areas of the hinterland. TO Trieste you can see a veil of haze caused by the thickening of the smoke that has expanded to the capital of Friuli Venezia Giulia. Some citizens say they have decided to close their windows last night. Others are doing it right now. At the moment there have been no new blackouts in the city after the one that occurred on Tuesday afternoon and which lasted for a few minutes. The city council continues to recommend the use of Ffp2 – mandatory instead in Monfalcone – outdoors and invites you to stay at home. The same recommendation was given to residents by the Slovenian authorities. In Gorizia for the second consecutive day, the Monfalcone plant of the company remains closed Fincantieri, in Gorizia, to allow the cleaning of the yards and decks of the ships from soot and smoke, in some cases penetrated through the air conditioning ducts. As regards road traffic, Anas announces that the motorway junction 13 has been reopened to traffic in both directions. The closure of the SS 55 “Dell’Isonzo” continues in the section between km 2.922 and km 10.900 with traffic diversion on the ss 14 “della Venezia Giulia”. At 16.30 today the section of the A4 Sistiana – Redipuglia motorway towards Venice was also reopened. Circulation has therefore returned to flow throughout the Autovie Venete network. The railway connection between Trieste and Monfalcone cannot be reactivated in the next few hours, however, because active outbreaks are still present on the route. The examination also showed that some parts of the line were heavily damaged by the flames and therefore it is assumed that the repairs will be very demanding.

Massarosa – In Versilia I’m over a thousand evacuees because of the fire that broke out last Monday. From the hills of Massarosa it then extended to the nearby territory of Camaiore and the hamlets of Lucca. At the moment the burnt area, according to the data released by the Region, is 868 hectares. Dozens of ground crews are at work – 105 firefighters alone – and 3 AIB helicopters from the Tuscany Region and 3 Canadair helicopters and an air fleet helicopter from the fire brigade. Meanwhile, the Municipality of Massarosa recommends the use of the mask outdoors: “Arpat however confirms – we read on the Facebook profile of the administration – that it is not dangerous for breathing because it is large”. The president of the Tuscany region, Eugenio Giani says that “From the first light of dawn, 3 Canadair and 5 helicopters travel non-stop between the fires of Massarosa and that of Vecchiano as well as numerous teams of AIB volunteers engaged during the night. On Massarosa there is a lot of smoke but the fire front is being contained along the SP1 ”. The mayor of Massarosa Simona Barsotti, however, spoke of better conditions than in the past few hours: “Compared to last night the situation has definitely improved. Now the fire seems to be under control and in any case we keep it constantly monitored ”. The return of part of the thousand evacuees is estimated as early as the evening of 21 July. The containment of the fire, as reported by the technicians in the afternoon, is 90% containment. On the remaining 10%, “unfortunately, there are still active flames and shooting: especially on the Montigiano and Fibbialla lines”, continued Giani. the first fraction of Massarosa, the second of Camaiore, “where residents still cannot go home”. Meanwhile, the prosecutor of Lucca has opened a file on the fire and ordered investigations by instructing the forest police – also Niab personnel arrived from Rome – to verify the origin of the great fire. The Region also explains that if the Vecchiano fire in the province of Pisa is in containment, new fires have developed in Tuscany. Four were those where regional helicopters intervened: in Borgo a Mozzano in the province of Lucca, in Roccastrada in the Grossetano area, in Certaldo in the Fiorentino area and in Terranova Bracciolini in the Aretino area.

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