Fires: firefighters "Caregivers of the planet"Olivier Biscaye’s editorial

Olivier Biscaye, Editorial Director and Deputy Director of Midi Libre,

They too could be applauded. Like the caregivers during the March 2020 confinement, the firefighters mobilized on the front lines of the 2022 fires should be able to count on our loud and warm support.

Fire heroes, guardians of the planet and its biodiversity treasures, they amply deserve our recognition as they fight devastating fires all over France. Too bad, however, that like the medical professions yesterday, today we only discover their missions, their human and material difficulties as well as their needs, on the occasion of these tragedies.

Let us therefore maintain our collective attention on their commitment beyond these weeks of horror and ensure that the service provided to the public by our firefighters can be conducted under better conditions. By starting by raising awareness among MPs and public authorities and by taking really concrete decisions.

We would avoid a new Bidule plan that would rhyme with inertia. We owe them something else.

Caregivers of the planet

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