Fires, an entire town evacuated in Tuscany: “Very critical situation”. And the heat gives no respite: “It will continue like this in the next few days”

“The situation is not destined to change for the next few days”. Come on meteorologists confirmation that theheat wave which is besieging Italy will continue to insist on almost the entire territory for the next few days as well. Extreme temperaturesthe Ministry of Health issued the maximum alert, the red dotfor 19 cities. Thefire emergency: a maxi fire broke out in Maremma where the entire country of was evacuated CinigianoA little bit more than 2,400 inhabitants on the slopes of Mount Amiata. “The situation is a lot criticism. The whole country was evacuated. Who independently decided to leave and who on our advice. The village of is also in danger Castiglioncello Bandini “said the mayor Romina Sani. The country is surrounded by flames and the smoke makes the air unbreathable. The fire would have started from the Granaione area, in the nearby municipality of Campagnatico.

Also on Sunday the mercury column went up over 40 degrees in some areas of the country with record peaks in Val Padana and in the inland areas of the Center-South. In Emilia Romagna, in particular on the areas of the low hills and the central plain, the Civil Protection and Arpae alert for extreme temperatures has also been extended for Monday with peaks above 37 degrees and with peaks of 39 degrees on the areas of low hill and plain. A situation, observe Meteorologists from Meteo Expert, which “is not destined to change significantly for the southern regions”.

The forecast is for a mostly clear sky and almost total absence of precipitation until the first days of next week when, at least in the quadrant Northin Piedmont and Lombardy, one could arrive respite with even substantial rainfall. For Tuesday 26 Julyin the first part of the day a storm front should cross the northern regions with showers or thunderstorms, locally even strong, before dawn between eastern Piedmont and Lombardy, more insistent even in the morning on the Triveneto where they will gradually run out over the course of the afternoon.

Also on Tuesday, the anticyclone should offer tentative signs of a slowdown in Italy as well Liguriain Emilia, in the northwest of the Tuscany and in the Romagna and Marche Apennines. In light of a situation, in fact, which has been at a standstill for weeks in terms of rainfall, thedrought emergency. Today the Coldiretti he called for immediate measures to save the crops. The association, in collaboration with the National Reclamation Association (Anbi), has developed a project to collect up to 50% of rainwater: the creation of a network of storage basins (real ponds) to get to collect half of the water from the rain. The lakes, according to what was made known by Coldiretti, would be made without concrete, with local stone and with the same excavated lands with which they were prepared, to collect rainwater and use it in case of need.

“We need to intervene immediately with emergency measures to save crops and the future of companies and stables in serious difficulty, ”says the president Ettore Prandini. As for the fires, also fueled by wind and high temperatures, as well as in Maremma, where four Canadair intervened, the wood of Iserniabetween the districts of Castelromano and Cutone, while two fires broke out in the pine forest of Ramazzotti in Lido di Dante, fraction of Ravenna, involving an area of ​​about one hectare. Firefighters in action also in Lower Molise where 6 hectares of spontaneous vegetation in the marina of Montenero di Bisacciacreating traffic problems on the state road 16 which was closed for about an hour.

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