Firefighters surprise girl after no one came to her birthday party

Little Estela’s family, residents in the Alto Hospicio commune (Chile), had prepared a great celebration for the five years of the minor. Unfortunately, none of the guests arrived. The little girl’s family went to social networks to publicize the situation, without imagining everything they were about to promote.

“Buenas tardes. I make this post because no one came to my niece’s birthday and she is alone on her birthday. For those who want to attend to have a delicious hot chocolate, they will be welcome “Hellen Yasmin wrote in a Facebook group.

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Firefighters arrived by publication on social networks

The viral gesture of a Fire Department with a girl whose party did not receive any guests. (Photo: @cb_hospicio)

Her publication quickly caught the attention not only of the residents of Alto Hospicio, but also of the Fire Department of the First Company of the commune, who came to the place to accompany her and even gave her gifts.

“Thank you very much to all the people who gave my niece a big smile for coming to her birthday. She was very happy with the company of each one of you, thanks for the gifts, and also to thank the Fire Department that was present “Hellen wrote after the surprise.

The gesture of the uniformed men went viral on social networks and moved Internet users. “Beautiful gesture, firefighters always present. That is why I am a member of such a distinguished institution “, one user pointed out. “How wonderful! Thank you, because that girl will have the best of memories of that birthday. Long Live Our Firefighters “said another.

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