Firefighters in Czech Switzerland reduce the area of ​​a giant fire: The weather is against them!

Firefighters are trying to speed up the end of the fire in the České Švýcarsko national park with a new strategy of deploying planes and helicopters from Thursday. “The planes stayed on the ground in the morning. Helicopters, on the other hand, carry out massive drops in quick succession,” said fire brigade spokesman Lukáš Marvan. Helicopters are flying over the fire one after the other in order to completely suffocate the constantly emerging fire outbreaks. According to Marvan, there is still a risk that due to the high temperatures, some already extinguished outbreaks will be renewed.

Fire pits above Pravčická brána

At night as well as during the day, there is continuous monitoring of hidden sources of fire with the help of drones. “Several fires were discovered above Pravčická brána, which were being extinguished on Thursday morning,” said fire brigade spokesman Lukáš Marvan yesterday. A total of five firefighting teams with drones operate in the national park. Their work will not stop until the fire is completely extinguished.

Seedlings next year

The administration of the České Švýcarsko National Park is already deciding how quickly the affected areas can be made accessible to tourists again. In the optimistic outlook, they are already counting on September! It is said that nature will begin to recover quickly. “The affected area will very quickly begin to be occupied by pioneer trees,” said Aha! park spokesman Tomáš Salov. The first seedlings are waiting for next year.

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