Firefighters’ ball on July 14 in Créteil (94)

By Laurent P. Photos by Laurent P. Posted June 23, 2022, 4:11 PM

On the occasion of the July 14 celebrations, the city of Créteil is organizing a firefighters’ ball on July 13, 2022 for the National Day.

Like a festive air Creteil… As part of the festivities of July 14ththe city ​​of Creteil organizes the now famous firemen’s ball this Wednesday, July 13, 2022, celebrating as it should, as every year, the National Holiday. From 9 p.m., music and dance lovers meet at the Creteil rescue centerrue Maurice Déménitroux, to wiggle your hips until late!

A firemen’s balla true tradition of National Holiday, which originated in 1937, in Montmartre. It was on returning from the military parade that the firefighters of the mound invited passers-by who were following them to come and visit their barracks, after having obtained authorization from their superior. An undeniable success, which contaminated the other barracks in the capital and then throughout the country. But before being a firefighters’ ball, the event offered sports entertainment and other physical exercises, until the day for day visitors began to dance and drink.

Today, we still drink and dance. And concerning the Créteil ball, like many firemen’s balls, this one is free, but a “barrel” is made available so that you can give a little something to help them maintain the barracks… or others expenses. And who knows, maybe you will meet a young firefighter or a young single firefighter (yes yes, the word exists, even if it is not very euphonic…)? Either way, see you on July 13 to party! Shall we go, friends?

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