Finland, the wall against illegal migrants will be 260 km long and cost 380 million

There Finland construction work will begin a three kilometer test fence to the eastern border with Russia by next March, before building a barrier along the entire border between the two countries to prevent illegal immigration. The Finnish Border Service has specified that construction will begin in the Pelkola locality in the city of Imatra. The fence will start on the banks of the Vuoksi River and be built in a northerly direction. Border authorities have indicated that video surveillance systems will be installed along the entire barrier and it is estimated that the fence will have a final length of up to 260 kilometres. Its construction is estimated to cost around 380 million euros and will last for the next three to four years.

The government of the Social Democrats Sanna Marine justified the need to build this fence to control the possibility of an increase in illegal crossings across a border of about 1,340 kilometers, the longest of all the countries of the European Union. “It is a tool to ensure adequate border control in the years to come” declared the prime minister a month ago, specifying that the project – proposed by the Finnish border guard – enjoys “wide support” within Parliament. At the end of September, Finland approved the closure of its borders Russian tourists, in full migratory escalation deriving from the partial mobilization announced days earlier by President Vladimir Putin, thus adding to the restrictions in this sense that the Baltic countries and Poland had already adopted previously.

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