Fingers of honor, heels in the head … two days after their violent altercation, Maeva Ghennam and Lila Taleb are fighting again in Dubai!

Settling of accounts not in OK Corral but in Dubai… A few days ago, during a SDM concert in a Dubai nightclub, two reality TV candidates put on a very bad show to those present for the event. Indeed, Maeva Ghennam and Lila Taleb had a violent altercation as the blogger Vaarruecos informed on his Instagram account. “ It’s gone super far between Lila and Maeva in Dubai! It came to blows. Maeva said to Lila in front of the box ‘You are not coming home’. From there, Lila goes to see Maeva to find out what the problem is. Maes and Niska took Lila’s arm to tell her she was coming home, whether Maeva agreed or not “, He indicated at first before indicating that the altercation did not stop there:”It started in an argument. Lila insulted Maeva’s grandmother and Maeva wanted to throw her heel on Lila. Akram would have separated and calmed things down! As a result, Lila was sitting at Niska’s table. 20 minutes later Maeva threw a glass of water at Lila’s face, she was so upset! “

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Since then, nothing … Or not. Because only two days after this violent argument, the two young women settled their accounts again. Once again, Vaarruecos, aware of what had happened, revealed the details of this new fight. “ Know that two days after this altercation took place a second scramble between the candidates “, He began before adding:” They were three tables apart and were glancing at each other in “worship” mode and they were just staring at each other. “. It was ultimately Lila Taleb who “burst the abscess” by asking what the problem was: ” What do you have to stare at me? “, she asked. Maeva Ghennam then answered him by giving him a middle finger… The tone then rose and the sweetheart of Greg Yega, passing next to her rival, addressed a new finger to her and would have even tried to send her a heel in the head.

Fortunately, the crowd managed to separate the two young women. But until when will the two succeed in avoiding the drama?

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