Fines for the highway code, here are the increases coming

Rome, 23 June 2022 – Fines for infringements to new highway code 2022: increases in sight. Meanwhile, from Monday 27 Juneremember theAsaps from Giordano Bisernithey grow 7% the postal costs for you recommend them, the system used to notify sanctions. This was decided by a resolution ofAgcom of 30 May. But not only. In perspective it announces itself a real sting in January, when the sanctions will have to be adjusted to the increase in the cost of living.

Fines in the grip of inflation

“According to our projections, and we hope to be proven wrong, the increase could settle down on 8.1%”, Anticipates the president of Asaps, Giordano Biserni. After a thirty-year commitment to road safety, the former policeman has no doubts: “These increases do not convince us, especially in a historical moment like this. For us, safety is guaranteed with more patrols on the roads, to be able to immediately contest infringements “.

Minutes for no parking: the increase from 27 June

The registered letters for the notification of judicial documents from Monday 27 June therefore go from 9.50 to 10.15 euros (+ 7%). Asaps takes a basic report as an example, such as the 42 euro parking ban. The cost of the sanctions must be added 10.15 euros for the registered letter and others 2.50-15 euros for the procedural costs. Yes, the variation of this voice is quite remarkable, “depending on the municipality in which one is sanctioned, as recently denounced by the representatives of the Antitrust Authority to the Chamber of Deputies in the Consumer Protection Commission “. Thus, from the initial 42 euros, there is a risk of reaching” over 65 euros “, Biserni does the math.

“Block increases”

Asaps asks for “an urgent intervention by the Government on three fronts: the first with the suspension of the Agcom resolution and the freezing of postal rates for a two years, given the serious economic crisis of the moment. Then a norm that imposes it is necessary and urgent standard procedural costs for all municipalities, in order to avoid unjustified increases from area to area in Italy. And finally, it must be decided immediately the block of the two-year increase of the sanctions that should be triggered on January 1, 2023 “. Biserni cites the Istat data of a few days ago,” the increase in the national index of consumer prices for blue-collar and white-collar families (FOI) would be8.1%with a Do not stop that would pass from 42 to 45 euros. Really too much at a terrible time like this “.

Fines according to the highway code, increases on the way

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