Fine from 100 euros to no vax, the controversy breaks out. "A joke"

Rome, 7 January 2021 – One-off one hundred euros: this is the more due to all the over 50 (workers and non-workers) who will not be in compliance withvaccination obligation starting from February 1, 2022. A sanction that has sparked several controversies. To let off steam first is Martina Benedetti, l’nurse 29 year old symbol of the fight against Covid: “100€, the price of our health. Of our lives“, is the post published on her Facebook profile. Martina, in service at the New Apuane Hospital in Massa and Carrara, rose to the fore on March 12 last year when on Instagram she published the photo of her face marked by the mask worn for hours in the ward to treat Coronavirus patients. And now, a year later, “for the umpteenth time we frontliners will be cleaning all the mud deriving fromabsence of strong and courageous decisions – is what he writes -. Absurd choices that will fall on our backs already burdened by two years of fatigue “.

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Virologists and experts also attack the sanction along the same lines. “I hope I have misunderstood”, is what he wrote Roberto Burioni su Twitter: “Give those who evade the vaccination obligation a one-off fine (100 euros) more or less equivalent to two parking restrictions (41 euro x 2) makes the obligation itself a grotesque antic “.” It makes me laugh “, is the comment of Massimo Galli, former director of Infectious Diseases at the Sacco hospital in Milan. “I find it an absolutely ridiculous fine – he added -, and this measure will not lead to the desired result”.

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It was then Andrea Crisanti to recall one of the sayings – “As Franceschiello said to the army: ‘Facite’ a face ferocious'” – which circulated, although later pointed out as a false historical, on the army of Francis II of Bourbon to define the value of the fine. “Frighten them, make them look fierce: this is the meaning, a gimmick at Pulcinella. By now we have passed from tragedy to Neapolitan comedy“, he added, underlining that” it is an obligation to laugh. One spends more if their car is removed. A no vax says: I’ll pay you and goodnight. But it is above all the uselessness of the provision, aimed at 1.2 million people of which at least 300-400 thousand are exempt. It’s like thinking that with a glass of water you increase the level of a lake “.

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“It’s a real mockery of the vaccinated“. He doesn’t mince words, instead, Matteo Bassetti, director of the Infectious Diseases Clinic at the San Martino hospital in Genoa. “If you think – the doctor recalled – that a triple vaccinee who went downtown to shop without a mask during the holidays got a 400 euro fine and a 70 euro who doesn’t get vaccinated gets 100 … For me maybe they looked better by doing nothing. Clearly – it is the attack of the infectious disease specialist – it is a measure of little common sense, the result of political mediation, probably pre-election of the President of the Republic where it was not wanted to get to the clash but it seems to me that we could have avoided taking such a measure, so it is really a mockery “.

Strong criticism also from the National Federation of Orders of surgeons and dentists (Fnomceo): “It is an absolutely insufficient system to repress those who today refuse to comply with a legal obligation”, declared the president Filippo Anelli. “It will obviously be necessary to see what the Government intends to do – concluded Anelli -, for the obligation to be applied. The sanction alone is really of little use”.

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Fabrizio Pregliasco, medical director of the Galeazzi Hospital in Milan, finally, “beyond the amount itself,” the sanction “is only one aspect of the obligation: it is, to put it to the
Macron, a way to ‘break’ the no vax, putting stakes in many situations to ensure that the obligation is respected “. And he insists:” It is a declaration of intent, an acknowledgment of the interest by the State in reiterating the need to vaccinate for the collective interest. But what works is the
Green pass”.

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