Finding Nemo spinoff solves two Pixar problems

After the success of Finding Dory, it seems that Pixar has decided to continue exploring the ocean of Finding Nemo, but now in a TV series.

The website Screen Rant published an article explaining that if this series does happen, it will solve two Pixar problems at the same time.

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Problem 1: More space on Disney+

Since the 1990s, Walt Disney Television Animation has been promoting the capitalization of its successful films by exploring sequels not only in theaters, but also in other television series, such as Aladdin, The Little Mermaid and Hercules, which are now available. in the catalog of Disney+.

Pixar is already betting on the streaming market, following in Disney’s footsteps by creating, for Disney+, productions such as Fork Asks, Monsters at Work and Life of Dug.

Taking a series from the acclaimed Finding Nemo franchise to the streaming catalog seems like the right thing to do to further establish its feet on the platform and conquer its space on the internet.

Problem 2: More original movies

Leaving sequels and spin-offs for streaming, there is room in the movie premiere calendar for more original films.

Soul, Luca and Red: Growing Up a Beast weren’t lucky enough to be released in theaters due to the pandemic, which brought their premieres directly to Disney+.

However, the three films were highly praised by critics and the general public, proving that Pixar still knows how to create good stories from scratch, and this could be the step for its next theatrical releases – after Lightyear, a new Toy Story spinoff planned. for June 2022.

However, the Finding Nemo spinoff series is still just a rumor, and no major details have been released so far by Pixar.

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