Find the five information from Picardy Wallonia that you shouldn’t miss this week: testimonials, Viva for Life and fatal accident on the program

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1. Minister Gilkinet’s visit to the Infrabel site on the Tournai-Mouscron line

Monday afternoon, November 15, the Minister of Mobility, Georges Gilkinet, visited the site led by Infrabel on the Tournai-Mouscron line. The opportunity for Benoît Gilson, CEO of Infrabel to take stock of the latter with good news: despite their scale, the works are not behind schedule!

► Up to 150 men work there simultaneously: “A project of unparalleled scope for Belgian rail! ”

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The site is not behind schedule, which also pleases the Minister. – S.CO.

2. Laury, 19, falls in the Grand Large de Péronnes and stays there for 45 long minutes.

It’s a story that could have turned into a drama. Laury Michez, a 19-year-old girl, accidentally fell on Monday evening in the Grand Large de Péronnes while trying to get her two dogs out which had jumped into the water. She will remain in the ice water for 45 long minutes before being rescued by the men in the rescue zone. Just recovered from her emotions, she gave us her testimony the next day.

She recounts what happened: “I still stayed 45 minutes in the water! ”

Laury and his two dogs just before the accident that could have cost him his life
Laury and his two dogs just before the accident which could have cost him his life – DR

3. Is the organization of Viva for Life in Tournai in danger following the resurgence of the Covid epidemic?

This Wednesday, Prime Minister Alexander De Croo announced the new measures taken following the negative evolution of the Covid epidemic. A situation obviously closely watched by the mayor of Tournai Paul-Olivier Delannois. The City of the Five Bell towers should indeed host the Viva for Life operation in a few weeks and, inevitably, given the current health scenario, concerns are great around whether or not the event will take place.

In the meantime, the mayeur continues to follow with great attention the evolution of the new epidemic wave.

The evolution of the pandemic weighs on the organization of Viva for Life.
The evolution of the pandemic weighs on the organization of Viva for Life. – B. Liberty

4. The person responsible for a fatal accident in Tournai in 2019 absent during his trial before the police court

Merouane, 24, died instantly. Yacine, 24, and Louise, 21, now use a wheelchair. These are the consequences of the dramatic road accident that occurred early in the morning of June 23, 2019, along the Chaussée de Bruxelles in Tournai. The driver of the vehicle was to appear this Thursday before the Tournai police court. He was conspicuous by his absence, hiding behind a psychiatrist’s certificate, leaving families in shock.

► The defendant’s lawyer asserts a medical certificate from a psychiatrist to justify the absence of his client. “It is impossible for him to be present at the risk of worsening his already alarming condition”

The Mercedes AMG was completely destroyed.
The Mercedes AMG was completely destroyed. – Bernard LIBERT

5. The original reconversion of the Tournaisien Grégory Mathon, nurse in intensive care for ten years

The 34-year-old Tournaisien Grégory Mathon is currently an intensive care nurse at the Mons-Hainaut Regional Hospital Center, Saint-Joseph Hospital. A function that he will exercise for 10 years on February 1. Except that on this date, it is a new life that will lead the young man who has decided to change lanes. He has indeed decided to follow his artistic passion. Grégory Mathon told us about his future retraining.

Hands on, he is also a musician: discover his creations (VIDEOS)

Grégory Mathon is embarking on a new path!
Grégory Mathon is embarking on a new path! – Mr. Delfosse

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