Find out who is Agnes Brichta, daughter of Vladimir Brichta in the novel ‘The More Life, the Better!’

No push from Vladimir: Agnes Brichta landed a role in a soap opera without her father’s help

The novel, however, remained a dream. And no, it wasn’t Vladimir who nominated her for the role of Martina (or Tina) in the first unpublished 19:00 series after the pandemic. Agnes herself conquered the character alone. the cast producer Guilherme Gobbi watched a play by the actress and invited her to audition.

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“When I passed the test a month after the test, I remember running out of words. I think I sounded in control, but I was literally jumping on the phone. Today, I’m still full of joy and gratitude about the debut. I really want to do a good job. with the opportunity to tell this story”, highlighted the actress in a conversation with GShow.

Agnes Brichta is not Adriana Esteves’ daughter

Despite what many people think, Agnes Brichta is the daughter of Vladimir Brichta with singer Gena Karla Ribeiro, in other words, the actress is the result of a previous marriage to the artist, who became a widower when Agnes was only four years old. With Adriana Esteves, the actor had Vicente, with whom he has been compared several times. The four live together, with the addition of Felipe, son of Esteves with Marco Ricca.

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